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Folded Earth Book 3 epic editing pass?

Hi all! This is 2 day's work on my First Editing Pass. I did 3 Chapters on Day 1 (which I started late due to driveway shoveling). I'm at Chapter 12 of 20 today (New Year's Eve). Today, I read several of these Chapters aloud to another writer (I'm part of a writing circle), and the feedback was good! I'm feeling positive about the first half of the book! (I hope you are too!)

This is a little daunting because I generally only do 1 Editing Pass before I hand these books over to my second readers to check for typos and any mistakes I might have left in there (though I generally spot check the Orth myself)! That means it could be ready to go really soon. Okay! Please wish me luck with doing the 3rd day!

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