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Changing of the Guard...

On my twitter mast, anyway! To update you, I'd like to say that I'm in the midst of Grad School and up to my eyes! However, the open submission for Merciless Mermaids has closed and I have finished a first pass of the slushpile. We got hundreds of submissions. This is probably because the programme pays a professional going rate per word to the writers who are selected for the anthology. But I finished reading last night at about 3AM. That project is well underway!

Okay, but on to what matters here. I was unable to write during the marathon of submissions, but have a quick break this weekend. As you know, I created art in the snatches of time I could spare, and most of that art was of the King (though not all of it, Cardinal Machines fans, I also have a couple of pics of Zoey and 1-Ocean to show you at a later date).

Regarding this Folded Earth book: Decisions were made. I hope you like the coming book, as some things certain among you might expect will now occur in a 5th book. This one? Submissions are closed. Slushpile is full. The King is wading into the chaos now.

The change of direction necessitated a new title, which came to be quickly based on another breakthrough I had during the down time -- I suddenly realized what poem I'd been drawing many of the title verbs from, and, once I looked the poem up, that led to my understanding what I needed for this book's title. It suits the action, and I love it!

Now that I've finished my homework for the Grad School publishing course for the week I've decided to change my Twitter banner to reflect when I expect the new book to drop. It looks like this now:

Fig. Yep. I've got a very wintry picture of Ruel Mirariaf on my Twitter banner with the winter 2023 drop expectation. And, yes, my location is currently 'Folded Earth'. Many times you can tell what I'm writing by looking at my Twitter location.

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